Modern art as an investment

SarArtist painting in Miami, Florida, USA.

Modern art as a financial investment.

Historically and since the world began, we have experienced convulsive economic crises, the crash of 1929, the great recession, the oil crisis, the financial crisis of subprime mortgages, the COVID-19 pandemic, the war for the invasion of Ukraine , the energy crisis or the most recent inflationary crisis, all these modern crisis have a common denominator, they generate panic among investors and savers who have invested their money in stock markets, shares, financial products, etc.

Save Haven, what does it mean?

In the moments prior to a major crisis and the first days of the crisis itself, the so-called save haven values usually maintain their price, even undergoing strong revaluations. Among these save haven values we can find the US dollar, gold, modern art, art in general and until not long ago the sterling, among some others.The fundamental characteristic for a value to be considered as a save haven value, is that it maintains its value despite economic conditions .A gold ingot, a Picasso, a Vincent van Gogh, a Louis XV desk, a Stradivarius, will always have a high value, but modern art and unique works of art also have a very important characteristic, they are revalued remarkably with the passing of the years.

Investing in young artists has more advantages

I invite you to imagine a situation and you only give me an answer.
Let’s go there. Imagine that you are in the first half of the last century, in a beautiful city called Malaga, in southern Spain, it is a summer day and a city hit by the Spanish civil war, a hungry city gets up every day to move on. In that city you find a small bookstore where an old man shows you some drawings and watercolors, he offers you these drawings for about 3 dollars. Would you buy them?
If the answer is yes, congratulations, you had works by Pablo Picasso in your hands and your investment in fifty or seventy years is worth millions of dollars.
If the answer is no, don’t worry, it was just an exercise in imagination, you haven’t won millions and you haven’t spent three dollars either.

How valuable are the works of Pablo Picasso today?


Why invest in modern works of art?

This question has an easy answer, investing in modern art means investing in young artists, in artists who are still producing their work, in living artists, in the best-prepared young artists that we have never had. Investing in young artists is without a doubt a great investment, even more so if we think of an investment for the future. Don’t think about it, buy art, mine or the thousands of my colleagues who work around the world, but buy art.

15 Young Artist to watch

Now that you have more information and a better perspective, I invite you to visit my website and value my work, welcome.

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